Monday, January 25, 2016

January's Fab Five

January is an interesting month for me. I don't live north of 60, I live just far enough south of 60 to ensure we have four distinct seasons. We're in the middle of winter here. That means snow, ice and cold temperatures. And while January is a new year, it has more of a hibernation feel to it for me. That doesn't mean there aren't great things about the month of January. There are!

Be part of the funky sock movement and a keep toasty warm at the same time. Also, if you love reading and Instagram you can combine your love of books, photography, and socks and use the hashtag #socksunday. And always remember #readingisfun.

Soup is kind of self explanatory. This is one of our favourite soup recipes: Creamy Curry Butternut Soup.

Books! Also obvious. And those of us who blog here write them. JB Lynn, B.E. Sanderson and Me!

Netflix. What did we do before television marathons?

Writing. Writing keeps me sane. And winter in Canada is the perfect time to write. Also, in January my writing group hosts a writing challenge.

Here's a sample from Mike and Grace's story, the third Aspen Lake book.

Britt righted a chair. "Thankfully there's a group of nurses here. Stagette."
Grace let go of Mike. The loss of contact left her shivering in the sweaty, post-fight temper of the bar. Britt wrapped a hoodie around her.
 Nancy Boedel held up her hand and asked, “How many fingers?”
She’d served Nancy three rum and cokes. Grace should be the one asking her. “Three.”
Nancy carried on with her probing, Ian by her side. She brushed at the crushed peanut shells clinging to her top. One of her flip-flops was missing and her hair reeked of beer. Not that it mattered. On a good day no mirror was going to proclaim her fairest in all the land.

And that was perfectly all right with her. She had the ability to look life in the eye and dare it to do it’s worst. Life had risen to the challenge, and so would she.    

Back to watching the X-Files writing! What are you favourite things about January?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Love socks. Love soups. Love books. I have never done Netflix and I'm staying the heck away from it. You cannot lure me with shiny baubles. Not sure if writing keeps me sane or makes me less so, but I can't stop.

Ooo, neat snippet!

Right now, my favorite thing about January is that it's almost over. And this year it was like an extended Fall for the most part. I can't wait for Spring.

Karyn Good said...

Netflix is indeed both a blessing and a curse. You're smart to stay away, B.E. And yes! January is almost over!

jblynn said...

I kind of love "Writing equals sanity".

Hang in there, January's end draws nigh.