Friday, January 29, 2016

My Editing Process

Since I've been in the editing cave, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else, I thought I'd share a little bit of the writing process for this upcoming release.  (In Deep Wish - due out mid-March.)

1 - 5) Do all the things to write a book and make it coherent enough to not send my editor into grammarly convulsions.
6) Send it off to my editor. 
7) Wait a month.  Preferably working on something else while she has it.
8) Get the manuscript back, copiously marked up in pretty pink.  (Because that's how my editor rolls.)
9) Gnash teeth.  Tear hair.  Write a long letter to my editor arguing over some point. 
7) Delete letter without sending.
8) Quit whining and get to work on addressing her notes.
9) Once her notes are finished, read through entire manuscript making my own notes.
10) Fix that crap.
11) Find every instance of my crutch words... just, like, though, even, thought, knew, said, only, well... and pare those down considerably.
12) Make sure all my ellipses and em-dashes are in the right places and necessary to the book.
13) Send it back to the editor for further pinking.
13) Wait three weeks. Preferably working on something else.
14) Get the manuscript back and fix those notes.
15) Read through it all again on the Kindle, checking for typos I may have made during my last 'fixing' and anything either of us may have missed.
16) Fix that crap.

At that point, one hopes the book is as ready as it'll ever be for public consumption.  Which means formatting and other junk.  Every writer's process varies, so what's true for me, might not be true for the other Killer Chicks or even any other random writer. 

As of yesterday, I'm in stage 13.  I'm waiting. 

If you're waiting right along with me for my next release, like I said, this book will be out mid-March.  I hope you're as excited as I am.  Meanwhile, all my books are currently 99 cents at Amazon - but only until tomorrow night for certain titles.  So, if you haven't jumped on the B.E. Sanderson bandwagon, now's the time to hop aboard.  =o)


jblynn said...

I love "further pinking".

I didn't notice a "swear profusely" step mentioned...I repeat that one numerous times. :-)

Karyn Good said...

Yay! The next book is coming! I added your crutch words to my crutch word list!. At least, the ones that weren't already there. The thought of doing those last rounds of copyedits gives me hives.

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, JB, 'swear profusely' is a given throughout the process, but more so in step 9.

Thanks, Karyn! I hope my crutch words help. I'm sure there are more, but I'm repressing them. LOL, yes, copyedits are very hive-inducing.