Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Holiday Monday!

It's holiday Monday! It's Family Day in my Canadian province of Saskatchewan*, and  I believe it's President's Day in the United States.

It's freakishly warm here. I'm tempted to say something snarky like it's impossible to get freakishly cold, but that would be promoting a Canadian weather stereotype. Next thing I know, I'll be living in an igloo.

*A province named after the Saskatchewan River which was known as kisiskaciwani-sTyiy (swift flowing river) in the Cree language. Not because it's "home to a lot of sasquatches" as one NBA announcer suggested.

I wish!

Not only a tea freak, I might be a bit of a bigfoot enthusiast. Okay, more like I watch the reality show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet because I have a secondary character in mind who just might spend his/her spare time searching for the elusive creatures. But tea freak is quite accurate.

Although the next time we're out camping and I hear tree knocks in the middle of the night I am going to freak way the heck out. This happens a lot. Me freaking out in the wilderness. And by wilderness I mean regulated provincial or regional parks smack dab in the middle of civilization.

Have I ever told you about the time I was reading a book about a campground serial killer while we were camping.

Me: Oh my God, this book is about a campground serial killer.
Jack: Put it down. Right now.
Me: But--
Jack: I'm not kidding. Put it away.

Also, I've never been to prison, but I'm pretty sure they have better shower facilities then this particular campground.

Why do I camp again? I'm not sure. I'm not exactly the roughing it type. So, it's kind of bonkers.

And why am I thinking about camping in the middle of February? Oh right, because it's Family Day.

Wherever you are, whether you're enjoying it with family nor not, have a wonderful holiday Monday!


jblynn said...

Cute mug! (and I'm not even a tea drinker)

Definitely not a good idea to read about a serial killer while camping.

Also, not sure it's ever a good idea to camp. ;-)

Enjoy your warm weather!

Karyn Good said...

Beginning to think you're right, JB. About the camping. Hope you had a great Monday!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I hope your camping trip went well and that you had a nice Family Day up there. LOL, I think the only time I ever went camping was sleeping in a tent in a friend's backyard when I was in 8th grade.