Friday, February 5, 2016

Scar Tissue

A friend and I were chatting yesterday, talking about a post she did about fear and feeling broken and how she's not sure if she's fully healed yet.  I happened to mention that it's all scar tissue.  We know it's there, and it doesn't really hurt anymore, but it's never the same.  That's when she mentioned Kintsukori.

Kintsukori is a Japanese process where broken pottery is repaired using gold dust and resin.  Something about imperfection being beautiful.  I don't know about beauty, but I do know that the repairs have to be stronger than the original material.  Which is basically what she was talking about. I think.

Or as I like to think about it: Scar tissue makes you stronger.

After it heals, a broken bone will be stronger along the break than it was before the break.  (At least that's what my doc said all those years ago when I was terrified of my leg breaking again.)

Experience - no matter how terrible it seems at the time - will make you stronger.

So, if you're in a place where the world is beating you up and you're feeling like you're made of eggshells, hold on until you find your strength.  It's there waiting for you.

And I'll leave you with this musical interlude thought...

I admit to not knowing all the words, but their concept of Scar Tissue always struck a chord with me.


Karyn Good said...

A lovely, inspirational post for a Friday! I love the idea of scar tissue making us stronger. I'd not heard of the kintsukori process but it sounds beautiful.

Madilyn Quinn said...

I love Kintsukori! It's so pretty and I really like that something so broken can be made more beautiful. Great analogy for the struggles in life, definitely.

jblynn said...

Ah, like wabi sari. Embracing the imperfection.

And yes, what doesn't kill you, DOES make you stronger.