Monday, February 1, 2016

The Benefits of Being a Romance Writer

This morning's sock joice was an omen, I just didn't realize it when I put them on this morning.

Also, I have a thing for socks.

It's February! Yay!

Plus I'm this close to typing The End on the first draft of my current work-in-progress. I'm fleshing out an idea for a new series. New writing challenge starts today. Love writing along side my fellow writing group members. The writing groove has been hit.

The Benefits of Being a Romance Writer

  • Being quirky is a given. No explanation needed. Me: I'm a romance writer. Other People: Ohhhhh. There are three types of Ohhhhs. The people, and by other people I mean some not all men, who have no concept of the romance genre and therefore don't understand what it is I do but assumes it's something substandard. The other kind implies you're one of those kinds of writers and I don't read those books #sorrynotsorry. And the third and most beautiful kind is the reader who appreciates the genre and you go on to have an intelligent conversation.
  • Your characters get a happily-ever-after. After you've tortured them sufficiently. Well, except the ones who end up dead or in jail. Generally characters based on the person who pissed you off in the grocery store three weeks ago don't come off so well. I'm not gonna lie, it cathartic.
  • Real life is a constant source of inspiration. My real life. Not yours, don't worry. Like when the much younger than me water heater renter plumber guy comes to do his scheduled yearly inspection and you've spent the weekend catching up on the laundry you hadn't gotten done because you've been writing and EVERY SINGLE BRA and unmentionable you and your daughter own that has to hang dry is hanging up. Right beside the water heater. You shove the clothes horse into a corner therefore ensuring he notices. Then you gather up the other unmentionables that are in a heap on the floor and blocking his path to the water heater and shove them in the corner under what is essentially a bra tree. Yeah, that is definitely going in a book. 
  • You can do a search for gorgeous and sexy men and claim it's research because it really is research. Even if you already know what every single character, female or male, you ever invented looks like down to their shoe size. 
  • But the best part is writing stories about people who are caught in the middle of falling in love. 
Have a fantabulous Monday! Feel free to add to the list. Or explain your love of socks!


jblynn said...

I love the three kinds of "Ohhhh"s, lol. So true!

I love fuzzy socks. Unfortunately so does my dog, which is why most of my fuzzy socks are mismatched!

Karyn Good said...

JB, it seems like a small price to pay. He's such a cutie! And he has good taste in socks! Fuzzy socks are the best kind of socks.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Wow, where was I the past two days? LOL about the bra tree. Too funny.

I like to read romance, but I've never had much success writing it. Thank goodness for people like you. =o)