Friday, March 11, 2016

Child Genius and a New Idea

Hubs and I found this new show last year - Child Genius. It's a contest to see which of twelve kids is the most genius (out of the thousands who applied to be on).  Each week, two topics are presented and the kids - ranging from 9-12 - have to answer questions pertaining to that topic.  Whoever gets the lowest score out of those two categories gets a certificate of achievement and is sent home.  When it's down to three kids, they battle it out in a couple rounds of mixed questions - like, say, they have to give the answer to a difficult science question by spelling it. 

Now, I may not have mentioned this, but I am the Queen of Armchair Jeopardy.  So I know a lot of stuff, but these kids are amazing.  Not only that, but the winner last night was a cool kid.  Hubs and I picked him the first week as the one to root for, and we weren't disappointed.  Seeing this child excel was about the most positive thing out there on the tube these days.  The girl who won last season was pretty cool, too. 

Of course, not all the kids were cool kids.  (And by cool, I mean neat, interesting, well-behaved, level-headed, etc.)  And some of the kids' parents are whacko.  I swear one of the kids was mainlining espresso there for a while just to try and live up to mom's expectations. 

Sadly, a few of the kids were just bratty.  One of the contestants from this season, in particular, though, was so over the top, it sent me to bed with a book idea.  For one of my SCIU novels.  Not a killer kid, per se, but I could envision what this ultra-smart, uber-bratty child who had obvious self-control issues might turn out to be as an adult - you know, if I ratcheted it up a bit and left the behavior unchecked for a dozen or so years.  And Voila! book idea.

So, I climbed back out of bed, wrote the idea down, and then tried to sleep.  The idea's still with me this morning, so that's a positive.  (I usually forget about them by morning, which is why I write them down.)  A simple thing, a little twist, and a new book idea is born.  Tada!

Now, to do a little self-promotion on an idea whose birth is quickly approaching... In Deep Wish will be live all around the world on as many outlets as I dared to upload it to this coming Tuesday.  All the links are pinned to the top of my new Facebook page for the series - Once Upon a Djinn.  Stop on by, like the page, and join the fun.

Did you watch the show Child Genius?  Do you like shows like that or are you more a fiction watcher?  How are you at Jeopardy?

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Karyn Good said...

Sounds like the beginning of a great story! I've never heard of this show but I'm one of those fiction watchers. And Jeopordy? Yeah, I'm horrible at it. LOL But smart people? Total turn on. Do you remember that show Numb3rs? I still miss that show.