Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Edits, dogs, Kickstarter, and fan mail -- random is how I roll

It's Wednesday which means I should have posted a blog first thing this morning.

But I forgot. (Sorry B.E. and Karyn!)

Forgot it was Wednesday.

Forgot to blog.

So I'm just going to blurt out the random thoughts that come to mind.

1) I'm working on the edits for the next Hitwoman book. (Hence my losing track of what day it is!) So much is happening in this book that I'm a bit overwhelmed, but I'm really excited on where it's taking Maggie and the gang.  With good luck and a strong wind, the book will be out next month!

2) I'm dog-sitting. It's great because my dog has a playmate for the day, but I'd forgotten what a pain in can be to walk two dogs at the same time.

3) I've become a benefactor of the arts.

Just kidding.

I don't really have the money to do that, but I have been backing some interesting Kickstarter projects lately.

Here's one I backed that was successfully funded for a book about Yellowstone National Park. (I'm kind of obsessed with Yellowstone.)

Here's the one I'm currently backing, a new album from singer-songwriter Jace Pawlak.  Because a day without music would be like a day without books!

4)  I've gotten some really awesome fan mail lately.  (Apparently the Hitwoman series is an excellent way to least that seems to be the theme of some of the letters, lol.) I'm always so appreciative of those that take the time to write. It means so much to know that my work has touched them...I just hope they know that I'M so touched by their love and support.

Tell me Killer Friends:  What are YOU currently obsessed with? What are you reading? What are you listening to? Do you know what day of the week it is?


B.E. Sanderson said...

No biggie. I hardly ever know what day of the week it is.

I'm re-reading Dragons of Winter Night by Weis and Hickman. I was listening to the sound of a thunderstorm, but it passed while I was napping. I can't say I'm really obsessed with anything right now. Sleep, maybe. ;o)

Elisa Hordon said...

I had to check the calendar first lol but its clicked into Thursday some time earlier... omg I need coffee.
Im reading the 2nd Mayhem sisters book by Lauren Quick and I'm really enjoying it the first one was good to as for music it has been a flash back to the 80's here lot's of songs from good 80's movies oh and of course plenty of WHAM, Culture Club, Cindy Lauper ..... as for obsessions nothing really springs to mind except books of course lol

Karyn Good said...

I hear you! Things are a little crazy at the moment here too. Still obsessed with bullet journaling. And therefore markers. Also reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, which I'm loving.