Monday, March 14, 2016

My Foray Into Bullet Journalling

So, apparently the time changed this weekend. That doesn't happen in the province I live in. The clocks do not go forward or backward depending on the time year. But every other province in Canada does as do many places in the world, and we deal with the rest of the world, so it's kind of like it happens here too.

To all of you who's system is completely screwed today, my sympathies. Keep chugging your choice of morning brew and...I don't know what else...but I'm sure you'll think of something, creative crew that you are.

I'm really here to talk about my new love. Get ready! Coming at you in ALL CAPS is my new love for BULLET JOURNALLING. Goodness gravy, it's delightful.

If you haven't heard of it let me direct you here. If you want to see how far some people take it, go to Pinterest and prepare to be amazed. There are some crazy talented artists out there who use it to create the most incredible journal pages. But don't be intimidated by all that, it can be whatever you want it to be and useful too.

And the whole process can involve craft and office supplies without becoming a Cirque du Soleil act.

Unless you want it to be. Just so you know, there are stickers. Stickers! For people like me, who can't draw worth shit crap.

Probably, the best place to start is to determine what you want to use it for or accomplish with it. I wanted a place that plays host to my creative side. It functions as a daily calendar and note station but I use an actual calendar for appointments. So, I'm doubling up a bit. But really I use my journal to record everything. I used to be a Post-It note keener. Also, I'd grab a piece of paper and tear off a piece and jot a note on it. Stick them in pile. Search through pile. I 'd also already started my own version of this by having a binder handy to write down quotes, ideas for on-the-go projects and future ones, and questions. But there was no organization to any of it. So again, a lot of sifting through paper.

And organization is my buzz word for the year.
*Just remembered that discipline is my word for the year. Yeah. But somehow in my mind they're tied together. 

Enhance my foray into bullet journalling. You start off by creating an Index. When you create a note or whatever in your journal you reference it in your index by page number. That way you know what page numbers to go to regarding a certain project or future ones, or, again, whatever. Then you come up with a Legend, Status symbols and, in my case, habits I'm tracking.

It doesn't need to be pretty, just effective. Also, washi tape is sooo much fun.

Do you journal? Have you heard of bullet journalling? If so, do you have any tips?


jblynn said...

OMG I think it's awesome that it works for you, but I look at that and think...I could procrastinate FOREVER playing with all that stuff, lol.

Have fun with it and thanks for sharing!

Annette said...

I keep a five line diary and most nights before sleep I remember to write in it. Never the weather. Most days I've experienced more than 5 notable lines.
But it isn't just about writing. It is life.
Whatever works to keep us on track is a good thing.
Thanks for sharing. I had not heard about this before.

Karyn Good said...

I'm not gonna lie, JB, it's fun playing with all the pretty craft supplies. But it's also working. I'm not much of a doodler so maybe that's why it works for me. But I do seem to have this need to put pen to paper.

Karyn Good said...

Hey Annette! That is an excellent habit to have. Not only do you end your day with what you accomplished but it probably helps you sleep better.

Donna H said...

I started the bullet journal at the end of February. Like you I keep a calendar for appts, but I use the journal to keep up with my to do list, grocery lists, recipes, other notes all of which I was jotting down on scrap paper and then losing. Mine isn't very creative, I love the ones that are. Right now though I'm seeing if I can keep up the habit.

Karyn Good said...

Hi Donna, I feel exactly the same way about turning it into a habit. So far I feel like it's beneficial. And mine's not pretty either, just colourful. Good luck with your journalling.

RatnaSuci said...
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