Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1st - No Foolin'

Hey All.  Today is April First.  Now, a lot of people would refer to it as April Fool's Day, but I don't go for all that pranking stuff.  I don't like to be fooled.  Not that keen on people who are fools.  Certainly don't want the butts of these jokes to be called fools, when really all they are is unsuspecting and trusting people. 

Yeah, I'm a stick in the mud.

My sisters used to sing me a song... "Every party needs a pooper, that's why we invited you. Party Poo-per."


Don't get me wrong.  I can joke with the best of them.  Hubs and I constantly cracking each other up.  Word play, mostly.  Silly songs.  Funny observations.  We don't prank. 

I mean, think about it.  Pranks are usually mean.  Even when they're harmless, their intent is to make someone feel stupid. 

Jus' sayin'.

And now you can return to your regularly scheduled fun while this party pooper proceeds with her day - one in which I will believe nothing anyone says or posts.  Some fun, huh?  woo... hoo.

On a happier note, twelve years ago today, I laid eyes on Hubs for the first time.  I was 99% in love with him already, but when I turned the corner and saw him standing by baggage claim, I fell the rest of the way.  Hard.  So, yeah, I guess it was love at first sight.  Preceded by 6 weeks of communication so I loved the man inside before the actual seeing.  :grin:


jblynn said...

I was pranked terribly this morning when I was told someone was dying. :-(

Happy "first sight" anniversary!!

Karyn Good said...

That's so sweet. Happy anniversary! I'm not much for pranking people either.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Ugh, JB. That's a horrible thing that person did to you. Shame on them. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, though!

Thanks, Karyn!

Beverley Baird said...

Great start to the AtoZ challenge. Happy anniversary!