Friday, April 29, 2016

Back it Up

Time for a public service announcement...

Last night, I saw a most tragic and extremely feared thing had happened to a writer acquaintance of mine.  Her computer died.  And she lost a months' worth of work.  A months' worth.


I freak when the power goes out and I lose five minutes worth (my autosave is set at five minutes).  Back in the Great Computer Crash of 2006, I lost months worth of pictures.  Including all my cat's baby pictures.  :sniffle:  But I didn't lose any work.  Back in 2004, I wrote a most awesome scene in my first book, turned the computer off and went to sleep.  The next night when I opened the file, the scene was gone.  I freaked.  Lucky for me, I'd opened an older file when I wrote it so it was saved - just not in the right spot - so I recovered that.

Point is... I cannot imagine losing all that ever again.  Those experiences made me twitchy.  Every night I work, I email myself a copy of the manuscript I worked on.  If I do a bunch of work early in the day, I email that before I walk away to do other things and then email it again if I work on it at night, too.  Hell, I've emailed myself 3-4 times in one day.  I email myself using my gmail account, so the copy is offsite should my harddrive fry like it did in 2006.  The other stuff I back up to a USB drive.

And I back up my pics way more often than I used to.  (Not as often as I should, but still...) 

Plus, I keep another USB drive in our safety deposit box. The USB drive has EVERYTHING, so in the event of a fire or a tornado where the house is wiped out, my data is still safe. (I really need to swap the one at home for the one in the box and do another backup.) 

The point is, you should really have one way to backup your computer to something other than you computer.  And you really should have another way to backup your computer offsite.  And if you can combine the two for daily use - like emailing your files or some cloud type thingy.

Maybe you think I'm paranoid.  I probably am.  Still, the thought of losing data scares the crap out of me.  I hate being scared.  One way to get rid of that particular fear is to back shit up.

When was your last backup? 


Karyn Good said...

Very wise advice that I need to take. I should get in the habit of doing it every day. At least until I can purchase an external back up thingy. I used to have one for my old computer which was a PC. Now I have a Mac but I still need a back up plan. My BIL recommended the Apple Time Capsule. I'm in the process of backing up my photos to Dropbox. I have the cloud. I have lost pictures in the past and that's make me very sad. I'm a photo junkie. I have a ridiculous amount of photos on my phone that I need to go through, which I should have done before I started backing them up.

BUT, I really need to starting backing up my work or one day it'll be me who's devastated because I've lost months' worth of blood, sweat, and tears.

JB Lynn said...

This is why I use DropBox.

B.E. Sanderson said...

I don't know anything about Macs, Karyn - not since 1990. Do they use USB drives like PCs? Ugh, I'm so far away from when I was a computer guru. Anyway, I hope you do into the habit. I would feel so bad for you if you lost anything. :hugs:

I'm also not familiar with Dropbox, JB. Is it one of those cloud things?