Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I love my whiteboard!

I love my whiteboard.

Pretty geeky thing to say, I know, but it's true.

I've got a big whiteboard (3 feet by 4 feet) that sits on my desk. Sometimes I use it to brainstorm. Sometimes I use it to plot out my story. But most of the time it serves as my "rah rah!" board.

I've got all kinds of encouraging notes and quotes written on it. Things like "Consistency is key" and "Consistent hard work leads to success".  (Consistency is my theme of the month for April.)

When I start my workday I begin by sitting down and reading those notes aloud to encourage myself.  How dorky does that sound? But it works for me.

I have a weird emotional attachment to this whiteboard.  Not long after I'd split with my (now, blessedly EX) husband, just after I'd moved to Florida, I bought it at a garage sale. 

It was like me, ruined. (I was horribly depressed at the time, and that's how I felt...ruined.)

The previous owner, some sort of electrician, had used it at a scheduling board for years. He'd covered it in a graph made from thin strips of electrical tape AND he'd used regular markers on it. 

But I'd always wanted a big whiteboard, so I gave the man fifty cents and carried it home.

Rehabbing that "ruined" whiteboard became my own rehabilitation. Every night, when the dark closed in and I was feeling loneliest I went out to my covered porch to work on it.

First I peeled off the tape...which took forever since it had been on there for years.  Then I used
Goo Gone to remove the residue from the tape. This was also a really slow process.

Then I had to deal with removing the marker. I did that by buffing it out with toothpaste.  (White toothpaste...otherwise it would have caused more problems.) This took hours, every night for weeks.

Some would have considered this a waste of time, but for me it was time well spent.

This was my therapy.  It was slow and there were times I didn't think I'd ever get it done, but all those hours paid off, both in terms of the board, and myself.

The board is still not shiny white and there are a few rough spots on it, but it serves its purpose.

When I sit in front of the "rah rah!" board, the words written on it are inspiring, AND the work behind them is reassuring.

So THAT is why I love my whiteboard.

Tell me Killer Friends: What do you own that YOU have an emotional attachment to?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

Awesome story. I love your whiteboard now, too.

What do I have an emotional attachment to? You mean besides some of my books? (You know, the old ones and the special ones and the 'could never part with' ones.) I have a little plastic Eeyore on my desk that the Kid gave me years ago. I used to be such an Eeyore person. It reminds me of that and to never go there again. And it reminds me of the Kid, which is always nice. I have my old dogs' chains on a shelf - the dog we had growing up and the dog I had back in Michigan. I have a horseshoe off a horse I used to ride. In a glass jar on another shelf, I have snippings from the pine tree my sister and I planted at our old homeplace.

I get emotionally attached to objects that spark memories - which is why I have so many things scattered around the house.