Friday, April 8, 2016

Pimpin' for a Friend - A.A. Chamberlynn and Martinis with the Devil

Today I have a special pimpage post about a friend's upcoming release.  A.A. Chamberlynn (Alexia to her friends) is launching the first half of her self-published, full length novel - Martinis with the Devil - into the world this Monday (April 11th).  The 2nd half will be available on the 25th, so not that long to wait for the rest.  Which is good since I already waited long enough for this puppy to be out in the world.  She released quite the tease of a novelette in this world last fall - Black Magic and Mojitos.  Yummy stuff, folks.  

Now, without further ado...

About the book:
When offered a job on the Holy Representative’s special security team, bounty hunter Zyan Star couldn’t be less interested – until she finds out it’s her most hated of exes that they’re trying to track down. He broke her heart and dumped her, which in turn led to the loss of her soul at the hands of an immortal soul thief. Now she too exists on a diet of souls, with the occasional martini thrown in for good measure, and she’s had over two hundred years to fantasize about revenge. She just didn’t quite imagine it playing out alongside the emissaries of Heaven.

Working with Eli, the uptight angel that heads up the HR’s security, is just about as much fun as Zy expects. He of course wants her vampire ex brought to justice through legal avenues, which is very inconvenient and incredibly boring. As she dives into the case, however, she realizes there’s more at stake than her plot for payback. Like, the free will of mankind, and preventing the minions of hell from taking over the sovereign dimensions.

This job is going to push her to the limits of her abilities, and there’s just a slight problem with that: the powers she’s suppressed for centuries after losing control of them are exactly the powers she’s going to need to save the HR, end her millennia-old ex and stop Lucifer’s little plot to join the party and invade Earth.

Savior of humanity? Not so much. Or so she thought.

Alexia’s Bio
Alexia lives in Florida. When she's not writing or reading, she can be found playing with horses, drinking wine, traveling to the next place on her global wish list, or maybe doing yoga. She is represented by Sandy Lu of the L. Perkins Agency.

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alexia said...

Thanks so much for pimpin' me!! You rock :)

Also, a secret (just for us here on Killer Chicks) - I went ahead and made Martinis live on Smashwords last night, and I just checked and B&N already posted it as well. It's FREE on both sites for a couple weeks!

Sometimes it takes a few days for Smashwords retailers to update listing prices and such, so I kicked things off a bit before the official launch date so that everything would be all set on Monday. We'll call it the silent phase of the launch...

jblynn said...

Love the title!

Best of luck!!!

alexia said...

Thanks, JB!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

My pleasure, Alexia!

I hope your sales totally rock. =o)