Friday, April 22, 2016

Turkeys... Chillin'

They look like they have the right idea.

Some days I think we should all be like these two turkey hens and just chill out.  Soak up some warm rays of the sun and not worry too much or get our feathers ruffled. 

What about you?  You chillin'?


Em-Musing said...

Whenever I feel I need a nap, guilt kicks in. My cat on the other hand, who naps often, never seems to show signs guilt. I need to
be more like my cat. Sleep is healthy.

JB Lynn said...

I'd like to...unfortunately I'm working hard, lol.

Karyn Good said...

I'm all for chillin'. In fact, I may chill later with a glass of wine after shoe shopping while eating take-out!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Exactly, Em-Musing - we all need to be more cat-like. Naps are good. Here's to more guilt-free napping.

LOL, I was talking more about chillin' with regards to all the BS in the world, JB, which I'm horrible at.

I hope you're enjoying your chillin' with wine after having a blast shopping and eating, Karyn.