Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Holiday Monday!

It's holiday Monday! Victoria Monday in this neck of the woods, in which we honour Queen Victoria's birthday. Or use it as an excuse to look at pictures of her descendants.

Otherwise the long weekend is generally used to get things ready for summer. People are opening cottages and cabins. They're planting gardens, readying flowerbeds, buying flowers and any number of outdoorsy things if the weather cooperates.

At this very moment my husband is out buying bags of mulch or the recently weeded flowerbeds. Then it's off to buy flowers, followed by a visit to the hospital to see my dad who's recovering after having his knee replaced. More gardening but the rewards are showing and it's looking good around here.

But I do believe there will be a massage in my future this coming week. Last night when I climbed into bed I had an epipany on how to weave a further thread of conflict into my work-in-progress. But there was no getting out of bed once I'd gotten into it. All I could do was hope my memory wouldn't fail me come morning. Physical labour must improve memory because I did manage to remember and it's the perfect solution to the question my subconscious must have been asking.

I guess I should exercise more!

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Happy holiday Monday! What's on your agenda for today?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday. I was out doing gardening stuff, too. Happy Belated Victoria Day! I hope your dad is feeling better and that his recovery goes well. Yay for finding a thread and then remembering it in the morning! Whether it's exercise or just fresh air, it must be doing something good for the brain. Yay!