Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What inspires you?

Big thanks to everyone who helped to make the release of

I'm on a bit of a working vacation this week. (Make sure you follow my instagram account for pics!)

It's always amazing to me how a change of scenery can be so inspiring.

Yesterday my morning walk was along the beach  and I listened to a soundtrack of  Gulf of Mexico crashing waves and seagulls.

That was inspiring.

I went to a museum and took in some awe-inspiring art.

That's inspiring.

Tell me Killer Friends: What inspires you?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Gorgeous pics! Food for the soul, definitely.

Thinking about it this morning, though, what inspires me to write are dark and twisted things, weird things, things that make me angry and things that make me wonder 'what if'.

Karyn Good said...

Visits to art galleries and museums would definitely be high on my inspiration list. Walking and the ocean, so I'm very jealous right now. But I think my number one would be live theatre.

Hopefully your time away turns out to be more vacation than work and have a wonderful time!

Fran K said...

Not much at the moment I'm afraid. I'm stuck in the doldrums and can't get out. I know what I need to do but just can't be arsed. I think I might need a holiday!