Monday, June 6, 2016

Five Random Things From Last Week

Seems to me I've been a little short coming up with blogging topics. With so much time spent outside these days, any butt in chair time has been spent revising my work-in-progress.

Actually, not all. I was hard at work last week creating a sign up form for my newsletter. To say thank you for signing up you'll receive my short story DO NOT DISTURB.

I've also been revising my work-in-progress which now has a tentative title of GONE. So yay to that!

And I made the most amazing homemade ginger ale.

Homemade Ginger Ale

Found on Oh She Glows

Yield: 2 cups


·       3-inches fresh ginger root - grated
·       2 cups soda water
·       2 tbsp maple syrup
·       1 tbsp lemon juice)
·       Ice cubes

1. Drape a cheesecloth or milk nut bag over a bowl or jar, and grate ginger over top.
2. Once fully grated, squeeze out juice. (Should have about 1 tbsp of ginger juice after squeezing)
3. In a pitcher or jar, stir together ginger, soda water, sweetener, and lemon.
4. Serve chilled with a few ice cubes or frozen grapes, and add a glass straw for a party in your glass.

I'm also having fun doing a June book challenge on Instagram! Day 5: Book I'm currently reading!

I took a golf lesson. I used to like golf. But I'm determined to improve my game so I'm about to relearn some things.

Share some random things from last week!

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