Friday, June 24, 2016

Naming Things

I was standing at my bathroom window this morning watching a mama raccoon and her five babies, thinking 'well, Rocky and Rhody are obviously more like Rocky and Rhonda' (I've been calling the two adult raccoons by boy names) and wondering whether to name the babies, when it occurred to me that I name everything.

The local rabbit is BunBun. 

The local roadrunner is Randy.

All pileated woodpeckers are Wild Thing.  And all red-breasted woodpeckers are Buddy.

The resident wandering dog who lives in the next neighborhood is Butch.  (No clue where he actually lives or what his real name might be.)

The two small bucks are Bill and Ted.  Previous years' small bucks have been Spike, Jones, Pistol, and Elias.  (Once they get to be big bucks, I can't tell which one is which, so they lose their names.)  The two big bucks are The Enforcer and Don.

The twin doe sisters are... wait for it... The Sisters.  Not inventive, but it works for us.

We also had a small doe last year we called Teeny-Tiny Tina, but this year we have no small does, so she must've grown to full size.

But I don't just leave the naming for critters.  The big oak in our front yard is Oberon.  Our hydrangea is Henry.  The lilac is Linus.  The crepe myrtle is... well... Myrtle.  My little pathetic forsythia bush is Ferdinand.

Of course, I've passed this down to the Kid now, who has named a weasel in her yard 'Cheese'. 

What about you?  Do you name things?  What are some of your named things?


Karyn Good said...

I love Teeny-tiny Tina! I can't say I'm in the habit of naming things. Sometimes I've named my vehicles but the current one is nameless. I have an awful time naming characters and places in my writing.

B.E. Sanderson said...

LOL, I forgot about the car. Mine is Cally. Hubs' is The Jeepster.