Friday, July 22, 2016

All I Am Saying is Give Books a Chance

Yesterday, someone posted a link on Facebook to a free book.  Cute cover.  Cute blurb.  One star. 

Curious, I clicked on the link.  I mean, I've never seen a book with only one star before.  What was the problem?  How horrible does a book have to be to only have one star?

So, I get to the Amazon page and it only has one star, but it also only has one review.  It's also only been out for like 5 days.  I read the one review and the guy who reviewed the book is brutal.   I read farther - it's a long review - and the dude is not only brutal but seriously nitpicky.  And a little pretentious, if you ask me.  And it seems like the guy is of the sort who likes to see himself type. 

So, I click over to see the dude's other reviews.  Pretty much every book he's reviewed is one or two stars, with the exception of classics and a few non-fiction books I've never heard of. 

I one-clicked the book.  You know, just to see. And I did have anything waiting to be read right then anyway.  The worst that could happen is I waste an hour reading crap and move on to another book.

Right now, I'm 50% through.  It's a cute book.  Sure, it's not literature.  It wasn't meant to be.  Its one job - in my opinion - is to be entertaining, and it's accomplishing that.  (I wouldn't have read this far if it wasn't entertaining.)  It's not rife with typos or gaping plot holes or sheer stupidity.  I mean, if I was reading this book to edit it, I would make a few suggestions on how to make it better, but all in all, it's pretty good. 

And it's entirely possible that this book is tanking for the author because of one review.  One person's opinion could be changing this book's course.  It could potentially hurt sales once this book is no longer free.  It could be sending the author into a spiral of depression where she doesn't have the will to write another book.  Which would be super sad because she does have a talent for writing an entertaining story.

I guess what I'm saying is to give books a chance.  Even if the star count is low.  Even if the review count is low.  And, if you're inclined to give a book a negative review, think before you do it.  Jus' sayin'.

Finally, the disclaimer stuff... I don't know the author of this book.  Never heard of her before I saw the FB post for her book and I doubt I'll ever run into her.  I may write her a nice email after I'm finished with the book and let her know how much I enjoyed it.  (If she doesn't screw it up in the last 50%, that is.)  Who knows, we may become friends after that.  But right now, as I'm typing this, I don't know her from Eve.  I'm not posting the link or giving the title publicly because of what I said about the reviewer - which, of course, are my opinions - lest he hunt me down and one-star me out of spite. 

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