Monday, July 11, 2016

Character Hobbies

I'm revising a scene in which my characters are playing baseball. This is what I love about writing. My characters can enjoy things that I have absolutely no interest in physically participating in.

Like baseball.

I was forced to play baseball at recess in school for the lack of anything more entertaining to do. Usually we ended up playing this thing called scrub. I don't know if this is a Canadian thing? Or more wide spread? t's what you did if you didn't have enough players to field two teams. (I should also mention that I grew up on a farm outside a very small prairie town lest you be confused by the lack of people.) There were three batters and everyone else covered infield and outfield positions. If you were on base and didn't manage to make it home you were sent out into right field and you kept moving up until you were once again batting.

Two things:

1. I lack even a miniscule amount of athletic prowess.
2. I'm not the least bit competitive.

I loved right field. The ball seldom made it there. I hated any of the infield positions which forced you to come in frequent contact with the ball. Being the pitcher terrified me.  I made sure and threw it nice and slow so they could hit it long and far.

One other thing:

1. I'd rather be chatting.

Which is the reason I was hit with a line drive to the ear while manning third base. Totally not the fault of the batter (who was my brother, by the way). I was chatting to someone the next game over and not paying attention.

My bad.

But my characters enjoy all kinds of things I'd rather take a pass on. Take Grace Bighill, my current heroine. She plays baseball and she knits. I knitted a blanket for my barbie once, but counting has never been my strong suit. It was significantly wider at the bottom than the top. Fortunately Barbie didn't care.

A little snippet from GONE:

From the moment Kevin Hunt threw the ceremonial pitch everybody was giving the hairy eyeball to everyone else. The trash talk escalated. Tempers rose. The tension spread to the restless crowd until it competed with the smell of hotdogs the 4H club were selling from their makeshift cantina. But it wasn’t until the bottom of the eighth inning it all went to shit.

It's summertime and that means baseball. Are you a fan of the game? Would you rather watch or play? What's your sport of choice? And yes, reading counts!


B.E. Sanderson said...

I remember gym and baseball. They'd get the girls' gym class and the boys' gym class, mix us up so we had two co-ed teams, and we'd play for an hour. I sucked at most of it, but I wasn't bad at pitching. I think. Hard to remember after all these years.

I enjoy watching baseball, but I prefer watching football. And I don't play any team sports. I fish. LOL, if reading counts, I'm definitely playing.

Awesome snippet, Karyn! Thanks for sharing it!

Karyn Good said...

Thanks, B.E.! I do enjoy watching football, but only when my team plays. Here in Canada we have the CFL so we get to enjoy football all through the summer. We've only fished a couple of times but I've never caught anything. I wished I lived closer. I could help you eat the rewards off your time spent! LOL Yum!