Monday, August 8, 2016

Good Company and A MasterClass

I'm in the middle of having company for two whole weeks and I'm loving having my sister and nephews here. But it means I kind of forgot to plan a blog for last Monday...


Also, I'm taking Aaron Sorkin's MasterClass, which is a fancy term for webinar series, on writing dialogue.

"You can't handle the truth!"
A Few Good Men

I love writing dialogue, but I imagine most writers do. 

Aaron Sorkin - The West Wing, The Newsroom, A Few Good Men, The American President, Steve Jobs, and The Social Network, is known for his wonderful dialogue. I love hearing about anyone's creative process, their philosophies, their routine. And I'm finding I could sit and listen to Sorkin talk anything. I might have a tiny crush blooming. 

The American President

I love this movie. Of course, I do! But one of my all time fav movie scenes is the dinner scene from Notting Hill. The one in which they compete for the final brownie and the one with the saddest story gets the treat? Love it. 

What about you? What's a favourite movie scene of yours?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

Yay for having people visit! I figured you were busy or something, so no biggie. It's summer and everyone is up to their underoos in alligators in some way or another. =o)

Never saw most of this guy's work. I enjoyed A Few Good Men, though. Good dialogue, good movie - even if some of the most poignant things are said by the villain of the piece.

Not sure I have a favorite movie scene. And right now, I'm coffee deficient, so I can't think of anything that really blows me away.