Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Inspiration

We went camping this weekend. We slept in a tent. It was fun. But cold in the evening. Like down to single digits the first night (in Celsius temperatures, that is). I wore my coat to bed. That was a first for me.

But the rest of the time it was lovely! I got my exercise by walking down to the main gate to get cellphone reception as pelicans flew overhead. 

Going camping never fails to inspire me. There is something about having to get up in the dead of night and walk to the bathroom alone that inspires this romantic suspense writers creative juices.  My night excursions this time weren't so bad as the well lit shower facility was only meters away and it was a full moon. But on our last camping weekend, my middle of the night bathroom trek required a flashlight. The much smaller bathroom was several meters down a winding road. Full disclosure, I could get lost in a round room. I have absolutely no sense of direction. None. I can get turned around in a nanosecond. And it was pitch dark. I'm talking black, black, black. But I made it back. And I only almost walked into someone else's campsite once. 

But there's something about walking to the bathroom in the dark that makes you wonder just who these people sleeping around you are? But at the same time makes me feel like I'm living a little bit off the grid. The possibilities are endless.  Oh, the stories that come to mind...

Some day I'll write a book. 

Meanwhile, here's a clip from one of my favourite shows, Mantracker. There's a new tracker but this guy is still my favourite! 

Happy Monday to you all! What did you do this weekend?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

Ack. Sorry I missed this. Bad Killer Chick.

Yay for camping and relaxing in nature! Wow, it sure got chilly there. I'm a little jealous. We've been baking down here. You should totally write that book.