Monday, September 26, 2016

Abandoned Projects

Abandoned projects was one of the photo prompts for the September Instagram challenge I'm attempting this month.

This one is from a series I started to write about a matriarchal society governed by women with varying degrees of extra sensory perception and the men who guard against their many and varied enemies. The partial first draft was probably one of the very first things I attempted to write. Back in the days when I was deciding whether to write paranormal romance or romantic suspense. I still adore the concept so this one is not so much abandoned as shelved and will possibly be reworked.

I started a vampire story too. Unfortunately I no longer have the partial first draft as it disappeared when my computer crashed. I quite liked the main characters. However my interest in vampires has waned.

Then there's the dystopian idea I started jotting down notes on. It takes place after a radical viral infection like SARS ravages the world in present time but in an alternate reality. There are many things I still love about this idea and it will be reworked someday. I'm still pulled by the concept, mood, and tone of this one. So once again, not so much discarded as not ready to tackle the hugeness of this project.

I have a female vigilante character demanding a story of her own. Actually, a series of her own. Very dark concept. Not sure I'll ever be ready for this one...

The problem is not a shortage of ideas! It's time and knowing the right project to choose. I remember listening to a Tim McGraw interview years ago during the height of his popularity and he mused on the fact he wasn't the most talented singer out there but his strength was in being able to pick the right song.

Many writers can work on more than one project at once, but I haven't quite mastered that ability yet. And right now my head is full of the project I'm working on and have been working on FOREVER. Here's to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

How about you? Any projects you've abandoned? Shelved? And current project giving you fits?

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B.E. Sanderson said...

They all sound like fun! Yeah, picking the right one to write - and the right one to publish, for that matter - is always iffy. It's hard to know until it's done if you made the right choice. Fingers crossed on every project.

Oh, I have a ton of stories waiting on the hard drive somewhere. I'm not sure if I ever actually abandon anything. I can't let them go. But I also can't find the time to give them all attention. Oh gah, I'm a story hoarder! Argh.