Friday, September 2, 2016

Adorable Tushies

Well, it's Friday again and I'm on deadline, which means I'm pretty much tapped out for interesting and/or witty things to say.  When you pour it all into books, sometimes you can come up short for blogs.  The struggle is real, people.

Anyway, since I can't be interesting or witty, I thought I'd share a cute picture with you all...

Aren't those little tushies adorable?  Those little black and white tails!  OMG!  I'm dyin'.

And, no, those fawns don't all belong to that doe.  Two are hers.  The others belong to another doe.  Maybe this one got babysitting duty yesterday afternoon.  Or maybe her kids were playing with their cousins when she decided to join them for a nibble.  The fawns are pretty independent these days, so who knows.