Friday, September 16, 2016


Let's face it.  My memory sucks.  Not surprising really, since I got thunked on the head years ago, but it's kind of annoying.  For instance, my husband now has to keep track of my doctor's appointments because I forgot the one in May.  He also has a checklist for me when I leave the house - 'got your phone? got your checkbook? got the grocery list?' - because at one time or another I've forgotten these things.  (For the record, he's not annoying.  The fact that I have to rely on someone else to remember stuff for me is annoying.)

I routinely forget to take my eyeglasses with me when I know damn well I'll have to read something out there in the world.  And my arms seriously need to be about a foot longer to be able to see the tiny print on packaging.  What I need is a second pair - one for reading here at home, one for out and about.

I have lists and sticky notes and all sorts of memory boosters to help.  But I have to remember to use them, which sometimes becomes a problem all its own.  When I remember stuff, I try to write it down.  If I'm out and about, I'll even write on my hands - you know, if there's no paper around.  (Which works unless I forget and wash my hands before I transfer the hand note to paper.)

Being me, though, which is kind of 'out of touch with other humans', I wonder how much of it is me and whether other people have the same problems.  Maybe it's just age.  So I'm gonna put it out there in Killer Friend land. 

Do you forget stuff?  Any tips and tricks you have for remembering things?


Karyn Good said...

Forget things? All the time, it seems like these days. I have a planner, a bullet journal. and when I'm out and I need to jot something down I put it in my phone. I prefer paper planners as it helps me to remember if I've written it down, but my phone does in a pinch. I'm trying to be a better list person but I'm still working on making that habit stick.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Sounds like you've got some good strategies there, Karyn!