Friday, September 23, 2016

Post-Publication Malaise

I've talked about this on my own blog before.  There's this thing where, after I publish a book, a fall into a malaise.  I don't have the urge to write.  Or edit.  Or market. 

I know I should be doing all of the above.  I have a good start on Djinn 4.  Then again, I also have a good start on the next SCIU book and the next Dennis Haggarty Mystery.  I'm also working on editing a book I wrote a long time ago that I still love and would like to see out there in the world. 

But every time I think about sitting down to write, suddenly I have other things to do.  Hell, I washed all the windows on the sun porch yesterday morning, then dusted everything in there, then swept everything.  I would've washed the walls but I was getting tired.  And once it was night - which is my usual time for writing - I was all like ready for bed and junk.  Bleh.

Not sure what the solution is.  I'll probably make myself some firm deadline and then I'll have to get off my malaisical buns.  (Malaisical is so totally a word... Okay, I just made it up, but it's a word now.) 

What about you, Killer Friends?  How to you feel when you complete a big project?  Ready to put everything aside or raring to start something new?

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Karyn Good said...

I always feel rest and rejuvenation is required after a huge project completion. A kind of reset. Or the doing of something that requires physical effort as that helps clear my head, like you washing windows. I say enjoy the break and then get back at it! People need books :)