Friday, September 30, 2016

Print Covers

I know these days not every book is available in print.  Heck, not a lot of people buy in print anymore anyway.  But sometimes there's a richness in a print cover you just can't get in the e-cover.

This is my ebook cover for Up Wish Creek (out now).

Which is pretty cool, if you ask me.  You can get a feel for the industrial warehouse look.

Here's the print cover (available soon):
Click on that for the full effect.  Expanding the image onto the back cover gives you the full intent - with the rubble and everything.  Pretty nifty, if you ask me.  I couldn't be happier with that.

Like with the cover for In Deep Wish:
You can more easily see the trees and the Spanish Moss from where Jo and Mary are in North Florida for the final confrontation.  Or with the cover for Wish in One Hand:
When you look closer, you can see all the treasures in the place where Jo found Omar. 

Oh, I still love my ebook covers.  But you get a richer experience with the print version. 

What do you think?  Do you still read print books? 

BTW, the ebook version of Wish in One Hand should be free starting today and running through Sunday.  If you haven't snagged a copy yet, now's the time.  Then you can get In Deep Wish and Up Wish Creek for just $2.99 each. Yay.