Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Candy Favs!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Or not, depending on how you feel about Halloween. You know who I feel the most sorry for? Teachers! They have to put up with sugar-infused kids for the next four days.

Everybody has an opinion on everything these days. And I'm no exception! Although we try not to air our dirty laundry here, I'm about to come clean. I have very strong preferences when it comes to candy. And chocolate. Although I'll eat pretty much any kind of chip out there - except type.

Recently we took a mini-vacation to a place called The West Edmonton Mall. At 5.3 million square feet, it's home to a hotel, an amusement part, a waterpark, an ice rink - just to name a few things. And many, many stores. One of which is a must stop place that's a chocolate shop delight called the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Oh my word, they have these chocolates called Bombs! I fell in love with the dark chocolate Sea Salt ones. I won't tell you how many I ate. Since I'm supposed to be avoiding dairy and sugar, it's safe to say I not only fell of the wagon I leaped off straight into bliss.

Wrapped in caramel and dipped in chocolate. Chocolate Bombs have soft chocolate centres while Tiger Bombs have chocolate and peanut butter centre that are available in plain or flavoured with almonds or peanut brittle. Milk Chocolate Bomb centres have flavours too, including plain chocolate, Oreos, peanut brittle, coconut, sea salt, almond, or English toffee with almonds. White Chocolate Bombs have cheesecake and espresso bombs come in milk or dark chocolate. 
Top Five Halloween Candy Favourites!
  1. Arrow Bars
  2. KitKat Bars
  3. Little Bags of Ripple Chips
  4. Rockets
  5. Dairy Milk Bars

Least Favourite Top Five Halloween Candies
  1. Candy Corn
  2. Little Bags of Dorritos
  3. Raisins
  4. Those individually waxy toffee candy things
  5. Cookie and Cream Bars

How about you? Favourites candies or chocolates? Dislikes? 


JB Lynn said...

OMG -- Rocky Mountain makes the BEST caramel apples. Now I want one.

Favorite candies to get on Halloween...some of which I haven't had in years...maybe decades:

-- Smarties
-- Tootsie roll pops
-- Twizzlers (red licorice)
-- Bubble gum
-- Good and Plenty

(Can you tell I'm not much of a chocolate person? lol)

Least favorite to get on Hallowee

-- Reece's peanut butter cups
-- Reece's pieces
-- Krackel bar
-- Dark chocolate


Karyn Good said...

Yes, I can tell you're not a chocolate fan! lol But Twizzlers, yum! I found a recipe for mini bit-sized caramel apples that I might try although I'm sure they won't be nearly as tasty as the Rocky Mountain ones.