Monday, October 24, 2016

Real Men Wear Shirts

So this happened! I saw an actual book cover for a romantic suspense holiday romance with a hero on the cover sans shirt, of course, BUT wearing a jacket left tantalizingly left leaning against an outside horse coral surrounded by SNOW. Piles and piles of the white stuff. Because it's WINTER.

Seriously? All I could think was...his poor frostbitten nipples.

In case there's some confusion over the apparent shortage of men's clothing, I found some options for the poor guy.

First off, I found this at Zeus Factor. Okay, I really found it on Pinterest but the clothes are Zeus Factor, I don't know who the guy is. But look! He has on not one but two shirts and still manages to look sexy.

Woolrich Inc. says yes you can be a rancher and be warm an appealing too!

Sexy in a toque. 

Don't get me started on the firefighters! Maybe they don't wear clothes under their gear...

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I'm away this week enjoying a short vacay. At a mall! Where I'll be doing further research. If you want to follow my shenanigans find me on Instagram! What are you up to this last week of October?


B.E. Sanderson said...

ROFL... exactly! Although, to me, a lot of shirtless cover models look like they must be freezing. Don't they heat the locations of those photo shoots? Poor guys.

Unknown said...


Thank you for helping the male models of the world by helping them find shirts!

Enjoy your vacation!