Monday, October 17, 2016

Small Town Inspiration and a Giveaway!

My fictional small town of Aspen Lake was inspired by a resort area I grew up close to and where I worked a summer job for a couple of years. I've talked more about settings on my author's blog and if you're interested you can check it out. My third book of the Aspen Lake series, GONE, has scenes that take place at The Back Forty Bar (and sometimes Grill), The Pines, and Grace's house. I'm hoping by sharing some snippets you'll get a feel for each place and a picture in your head.

The Back Forty Bar (Modelled after every small town bar that ever existed.)
Every available door and window were propped open anticipating a non-existent breeze. The Back Forty didn’t have air conditioning. Sweaty people swilled more beer. “If you don’t like to sweat what the hell are you doing at the lake?” was the question her boss tossed back at any outsider stupid enough to complain.
In a place where everyone knew you by your first name and judged you by what you did last night, the Back Forty put up with tourists but it catered to the locals.

The Pines (Modelled after another inn and restaurant, Banbury House Inn, in Wolseley, Saskatchewan.
Grace smoothed down the sides of the black dress she pulled out for funerals and gave the hostess her name. If you needed upscale you came to The Pines. Two brothers had overhauled the heritage building, abandoned by French aristocrats in the late nineteenth century and several owners since, and converted it into a first class steakhouse renowned for it’s cowboy cuisine. Nothing said let’s put a ring on it like popping out a jewellers box over the Pine’s Blackened Bison steak strips. Or so they said. 

Grace's House
Arms full of cat Grace walked into her kitchen unrecognizable in its current state of tidiness. Balls of yarn were stacked in a funky crate. Her hand-woven place mats rested under a sunny yellow bowl of apples. Her sister Hope stood at the kitchen counter unpacking what looked like a brand new stand mixer and beside it were a set of mixing bowls and a cluster of baking utensils.

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Do you love stories that take place in a small town?



B.E. Sanderson said...

Awesome! I love your inspirational pics and sites.

I also love small town stories, and big town stories, and neighborhood stories (which is like a small town inside a big town). I connect better with them than with big city stories - since I'm more of a small town gal. (Rural... very rural...)

JB Lynn said...

Love finding out where inspiration comes from.

Great pics!