Monday, November 28, 2016

A Writer Walks Into A Bar...

I spent six days in Toronto recently visiting my sister. In case you're unfamiliar with Toronto, it's Canada's largest city. To put that in perspective it's also the fourth largest city in North America. It's a great city and I love spending time there. A short amount of time anyway. After five or six days I crave the quieter pace of my much smaller city, which boasts a population of approximately 240,000 folks.

That means Toronto does things on a bigger scale like the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Very impressive places and I was fortunate enough to see the AGO's latest exhibit - Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces by Monet, Van Gough and others. It was fantastic and inspiring and a host of other things. Being in a bigger city also means sampling a host of unique boutique type places like Famous Last Words, a literary cocktail bar.

It's named after a classic book of the same name written by Timothy Findley. With bookshelf wallpaper, 11,000 Scrabble tiles covering the bar, and hundreds of books on the shelves the ambience is set . The menu resembles a book with pages numbers and a glossary. Be still my heart, the drinks are named after books. One of the ones I sampled was called Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shyteyngart. They give as much care and attention to their list of mocktails as they do their cocktails.

It go me thinking of what cocktails I would create for my books. But since I'm not a mixologist I'm having a challenging creating new ones. But I believe Lily from BACKLASH would prefer a nice pinot grigio. Kate from EXPOSED doesn't drink alcohol but downs coffee. Grace from GONE, my work-in-progress, sticks to beer.  

Right now, with the weather turning chill,  I'm wishing for a nice dairy-free hot chocolate. What do you like to sit and sip? Morning, evening or anytime in between?


B.E. Sanderson said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Toronto. That bar sounds cool. Never heard of those books, but still, pretty neat idea. =o)

Coffee. And Mtn Dew. And when I'm feeling chilly, hot cocoa and/or cappuccino mix.

Unknown said...

Not much of a bar person, but that place sounds fabulous.

I'm a coffee drinker...sometimes, if I'm living wildly, I'll add a splash of salted caramel syrup.


Karyn Good said...

B.E. and JB, maybe someday we'll get to sit down for drinks in person!