Friday, November 25, 2016

Black What?

Okay, so we all know today is Black Friday - that day when people shop with rampant abandon to get 'blockbuster' savings on a 700" flat screen or that tiny car for their kids or whatever.

I don't do Black Friday.  In fact, I did all my regular shopping so that I wouldn't have to be near any stores through Monday.  If we run out of milk before then, we're screwed.  Ya know what I'm sayin'?  I do not want. 

Yesterday, I heard about stores opening on Thursday for Black Friday savings.  Umm... Black what?  I also heard about Black Wednesday.  Black what? 

I'm confused.

I know when I lived near family, we made it a big deal to gather together and go to the mall on the day after Thanksgiving.  We never got up early.  We never waited in long lines.  We got there when we got there and if there were savings involved, great.  We gals (it was always the gals + kids) would shop and then do lunch and then shop some more, if we were so inclined.  Oh, there were lines at the checkouts, but not like there are today.

If I remember correctly, the worst lines were at Toys-R-Us.  That place was always a madhouse.  But each of us Meissner gals - having either kids or grandkids - needed to make a stop there.  It was all good, though.  No fighting over the last Cabbage Patch doll.  (Mom tells a story of the year those came out.  Madness.) No crying over missed opportunities.  Okay, maybe there was some crying.  We did have the kids with us after all. 

We shopped in a pack.  If my daughter wanted something but she was in my cart, a sister would put it in her cart when the Kid wasn't looking so we could maintain the Santa factor.  I did the same for them.  Or they would distract her so I could put something in my cart - under my coat - and I did the same for them.  It was nice.

I don't need to do any of that anymore.  I don't buy gifts in stores, for the most part.  Everyone I love except Hubs is hundreds of miles away.  Online catalog shopping in the best.  Or cash for the Kid.  Or I pick up little things while I'm grocery shopping.  I might pay a little more because I'm missing out on the Black Friday deals, but I'm okay with that.  Which proves I'd pay money to stay away from crowds. LOL

So, yeah, all this Black Friday, Pre-Black Friday, Black Wednesday stuff confuses me.  But, hey, if it's your thing, have at it.  Stay safe.  And good luck with your bargain hunting!

Do you do Black Friday?  If it a nice experience for you, or are you one of those who hate it but do it anyway?  I know Mom and one of my sisters will be out there in the crowds sometime today, so remember to be pleasant to your fellow shoppers.  ;o)


Karyn Good said...

Somehow Black Friday has infiltrated Canada without the crowds so that's okay. I'm trying to be organized about my Christmas shopping so I'm going hard this weekend because I don't like to shop in December.

B.E. Sanderson said...

Hey, BF without crowds sounds like a good idea, Karyn! Way to plan, too! Good luck and I hope you got all your shopping done today, or if not, soon. =o)