Wednesday, November 2, 2016

JB's Week in Review

Besides writing, this is what my schedule looked like last week:

Wednesday: I'm taking a class on Creating a Beautiful Life...basically I'm already doing most of what the teacher is suggesting. And yes, I DO think I have a beautiful life -- I was just looking for some extra tips. Nothing wrong with knowing you have room for improvement, right?

Thursday: I took a drive to see a friend who was in from out of state. We had lunch, laughs, and some deep, meaningful conversation. She's a balm to my soul and I felt refreshed when we parted...which was good, because there was a car fire on the bridge I had to take to get home and I sat in traffic for quite a while, lol.

Friday: I attended an evening sponsored by the local SISTERS IN CRIME chapter at a local library. A real life Crime Scene Investigator and a police detective spoke. In particular I found the CSI's perspective to be interesting. Then there was a panel with 4 mystery authors, moderated by another mystery author.  Good stuff!

Saturday: I spent the day helping someone move. I spent the evening at the home of friends who happen to be writers. Interesting conversation and shared laughs.

Sunday: My introvert day. (I needed one!)  I took the dog to a local nature preserve. It's like taking a shot of inner-peace.

Monday: I attended a NaNoWriMo planning meeting at another library. Unfortunately the turnout was low, but there was still lots of writing-related conversation.

Tuesday: I participated in the Introduction to Improv class I'm taking. A lot of hard work (for me anyway) but SOOOO much fun.

Tell me Killer Friends: 

What did YOU do last week? Any great plans for this week?


Karyn Good said...

Wow, you had a busy week and you have a busy month ahead of you with NaNo! Mine was getting back into routine after a short holiday, Halloween and a bridal show with my future DIL and her family. SO much fun! This week involves me trying not to eat the leftover candy.

Good luck with NaNo!!!

B.E. Sanderson said...

I'll second Karyn's 'Wow'. I'm tired just reading about everything you're doing. ;o) Good for you! You sound really happy. Yay!

I fished some last week, but didn't catch anything. I did some writing. I did some reading. We raked the yard - which is a several day process. Watched TV, communed with nature. The usual.

Unknown said...

Karyn -- Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

B.E. -- The usual sounds pretty darn nice. :-)