Friday, November 4, 2016

The Gardening Bug

I've always dreamed of having a lovely garden and beautifully landscaped grounds.  When I bought my first house back in '98, I used what little extra funds I had to purchase shrubs and perennials.  I did my best to make my place look nice.  A viburnum here, some butterfly bushes there.  Mums and marigolds and irises.  Not everything worked out.  The hydrangea I bought died quickly.  The pepper plants didn't survive either.  I think the big mulberry tree killed those, though, so I'm totally not taking the blame there.

Snowball Viburnum
Now here I am in my second house.  And once again, I had the idea to make the yard something of a showplace.  In the past three years, Hubs and I have done a boatload of work.  We had to dig up the foundation and seal it.  (Who puts in a foundation and doesn't water seal it? Ugh.)  Then we had to find a way to prevent water running down the hill from undermining the foundation.  Those two things gave me my front garden bed.
Then we put in the iris bed.
And the shade bed.
All of those are filled with plants now, of course.  (And the orange paint is gone now, thank the gods.)

It's been interesting trying to find the right plants for the right areas.  And finding plants the deer won't eat.  And finding plants that will survive with the minimal care I offer them. 

Everything was going  pretty awesome until this year.  A super hot and dry June led to a long summer which led to a lot of my plants either dying or looking pretty harsh.  My mums that were so beautiful a couple summers ago look like crap this year.  My forsythia gave one last gasp, dropped all its leaves in July and died.  My lilac bush is pathetic.  Everything I planted in the new sun bed either died or is on its way there.  (Except the marigolds.  Thank goodness for marigolds.)
It all almost makes me want to give up and let the forest reclaim the yard. 

But I have a gardening bug.  Fall is the time for planting and pruning.  It's the time for separating the iris bulbs again.  (Those are motoring right along, despite the weird weather.) Next year, the gardens may be back to their former glory.  Or they won't.  Time will tell.

What about you?  Do you like gardening?  Landscaping?  Do you do it yourself or have someone come in and do it for you?

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Karyn Good said...

You done so much work! Sorry to hear the weather is taking its toll. I love flowers! I love the idea of gardening. I don't enjoy weeding. But I'm trying. My goals is to get all the beds full of perennials. I'm getting there. Slowly. It's a lot of work but being surrounded by colour and texture and the different scents is worth it.