Friday, December 30, 2016

The End

Years ago, when I was first dipping my toes in the social media pond, I ran across Jennifer Hillier's blog and after hanging out there for a little while, followed her to Killer Chicks.  Here is where I met someone who would become one of my most awesome writing friends - JB Lynn.  Time passes and people come n go.  Eventually, JB - the only remaining original Killer Chick - invited me to join in the fun and become a Killer Chick myself.

And it has been fun.  I really have enjoyed my time here.  But all good things must end eventually.  It has been decided that the Killer Chicks blog will stop regular posts at the end of 2016.  And since the last posting day falls on a Friday, and I'm the Friday Chick, it falls to me to lay down this last post.

I guess blogs are going the way of the dinosaur.  For a while now, few people are stopping by.  Fewer people are commenting.  And while I love my fellow Killer Chicks, it's gotten to where it seems like we're talking to ourselves most days.  Fun, but not exactly productive.  JB's got a billion things going on. Karyn's busting her hump.  I'm doing what I do.  We've all got things we could be doing that are more productive than writing blog posts no one else wants to read.  You know how it goes.

It's not that we don't love our Killer Friends.  Seriously.  You've made it awesome to be here.  But I think you'll agree that 'fewer distractions = more books' is what readers really want.

To that end, we'll all be out there in the world writing books for you to enjoy.  We might stop from time to time over the next few months and post if we have anything exciting to talk about, but other than that, Killer Chicks is at an end.

Thank you for being our Killer Friends for all these years.

-B.E. Sanderson


Janet said...

Sorry to see the Chicks folding up, but I understand. Blogs really do seem to be passe! Best to all of you - I'll watch for your updates on other social media sites (and your own blogs, of course).

B.E. Sanderson said...

Thanks for being here, Janet! I'll still be blogging at my places, and I think all of us will still be around other social media.

Smith girls said...

I enjoy reading the comments, and I'm sorry the blog is ending but I remain a loyal reader in the hit woman series, and anxiously await the next book in the series.