The third of two voices, Clarice is the alter ego of a multi-published paranormal and science fiction romance author.

Clarice lives in New Jersey with her husband of twenty years, their two children and three cats. She's been writing since the age of ten [a long, long time ago] and looks forward to bringing many contemporary romances to her readers.

To learn more about Clarice visit her at http://claricewynter.blogspot.com


Having narrowly missed being crushed by an avalanche of Star Trek novels as a teenager, Jennifer Colgan vowed to one day cause the book shelves of avid readers all over the world to collapse under their own weight.

Now multi-published under her own name and as her alter ego, Bernadette Gardner, Jennifer has arrived in the digital age and instead hopes to be responsible for overloading the memory cards of e-book readers everywhere with her paranormal, futuristic and science-fiction romances.

To learn more about Jennifer visit her website at www.jennifercolgan.com, Bernadette’s website at www.bernadettegardner.com, or their Two Voices blog.

Jennifer Hillier was born in Toronto, which is where she spent the first three decades of her life.  When her husband was offered a transfer to Seattle, she didn't know which would be worse:  leaving Canada or moving to the West coast.  She spent her first few months on American soil bemoaning her existence and writing her first novel.  Now nicely settled in the Pacific Northwest, the only thing she misses – other than family and friends – is snow.

A member of International Thriller Writers Inc., Jennifer has always been drawn to thrillers and dark fiction, even though she sleeps with the lights on when her husband isn't home. 

Jennifer is represented by Victoria Skurnick of the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency.  Look for her debut novel, CREEP, from Simon & Schuster / Gallery Books in July 2011.

Interested to know more about Jennifer?  Check out her website, http://www.jenniferhillier.ca/.

Joann Swanson was born and raised in Utah where she attended Catholic schools.  No, really, there're Catholic schools in Utah! Swears!

After earning an undergrad degree in English and a Master’s in Instructional and Performance Technology, Joann began working full-time as an instructional designer and teaching for a university. She uses her nifty tech knowledge to create goofy vlogs for her own blog and videos for the Killer Chicks site.  

Joann’s pretty sure this is the most kick-ass life ever since, besides designing and teaching, she also writes young adult thrillers and is represented by the fabulous Quinlan Lee at Adams Literary.

Joann lives in Boise, Idaho with her amazing husband and three very spoiled cats.

Want to know more? Check out Joann’s website at www.joannswanson.com and her blog at joannswanson.blogspot.com.