I grew up as a displaced city girl on a mixed cattle and grain farm in the midst of the Saskatchewan prairies. Among other things, I fed chickens, hilled potatoes, and developed a love of dill pickles. I've picked crab-apples, saskatoon berries, chokeberries, and battled grasshoppers.

Eventually, I graduated to a small prairie town and from there to a big prairie city, the word big being relative and somewhat exaggerated, with the relevant word being prairie. I thrive here in this vast open space with its sky, fields, sunshine, beaches, lakes...I could go on forever.

My high school yearbook makes mention of wishing to work in a bank, little did I know numbers and money managing gives me hives. So I married a numbers guy. We lost our minds and decided to become parents. Time passed and they morphed into teenagers. They remain one step ahead of us.

The whole time I read books. Lots and lots of books. Occasionally, I picked up a pen and paper or tapped out a few meagre pages of a story on a keyboard and dreamed of becoming a writer when I grew up. One day, after a rather significant birthday, the inevitable happened and I knew without question the time was right. What to write was never the issue. I'm a together forever type of girl with a love of alpha males and feisty females.

Member of the Saskatchewan Romance Writers (SRW) and the Romance Writers of America (RWA).

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